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Marketing Tracking
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One of New Web Design’s most overlooked but important services is data tracking and analysis. Some marketing strategies may seem like good ideas, but without being able to track progress and see numerical evidence, there is no way of really evaluating its effectiveness. Our marketing experts use various techniques in order to determine the effectiveness of your business’s marketing campaign, and provide you with a detailed progress report that analyzes and explains the data collected. By pinpointing exactly which elements are contributing which results, we can eliminate the ones that are not as effective and put more of your budget into the ones that are. This process enables you to reduce wasteful ad campaign spending and optimize your marketing strategy for better results. We have a deep understanding of a wide range of industries thanks to our many years of marketing experience, so we are able to devise industry-specific campaigns that we know will be successful from the start. This is just one of the many advantages you will get when working with our marketing specialists.A professional social media presence is an easy way to engage directly with customers, increase traffic to your website, and expand your overall online visibility. Without social media, people will only find you if they are actively searching for your website or key terms related to it. Social media postings can attract new clientele who stumble upon your page on their news feed or through their online friends. Not only will you gain new followers, but you’ll also build your relationship with current customers by making informative postings that they will find beneficial, further solidifying brand loyalty. New Web Design’s social media consultants are experts at connecting with your specific audience, creating relevant yet entertaining posts that can be shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

Google Analytics Analysis Advertising Progress Reports Phone Call Tracking

Marketing Tracking & Marketing  Analytics Analysis

Google Analytics

Google Analytics software is excellent for tracking your website and generating detailed data from it. Through Google Analytics, we are able to see how long viewers are on specific pages of your website, how they found your website, and much more. The ability to track the traffic on your website allows us to create detailed analysis reports that help narrow down your ad campaign to the most potentially profitable components. Google Analytics is even able to link all of your business’s marketing avenues into one easily understandable software, including Facebook, mobile apps, organic SEO, referrals, digital advertising banners, and more. Here at New Web Design, we are experts in navigating the intricacies of Google Analytics software.

Marketing Tracking & Analytics Analysis Advertising Progress Reports Phone Call Tracking

 Google Analytics Analysis

Progress Reports

New Web Design provides our clients with detailed progress reports using Google Analytics, phone tracking, and marketing research. These reports are periodically presented during different projects, for example, during the website development phase. You will receive a progress report that breaks down our process, which includes branding, creative content development, custom coding, digital functionalities and more. We provide these progress reports so that you are able to understand everything we are doing, an important practice in establishing a professional, healthy business relationship. Our clients like that they are able to gain insight into our process in order to understand the decisions we make and the advice we give. This creates an excellent synergy between business and co-sourced marketing development group.

Marketing Tracking & Analytics Analysis Google Analytics Analysis Phone Call Tracking

Progress Reports

Phone Call

The ability to track phone usage creates a unique avenue for marketing analysis. For example, let’s say you have advertisements on five different billboards in the same county. By putting a different phone number on each billboard, you can determine which billboard is providing the most leads and therefore, which advertisement is most effective. This is just one example of how we are able to use phone usage data to your benefit. With phone tracking information, New Web Design is able to optimize the effectiveness of various campaigns and narrow our focus. We think above and beyond at New Web Design, always surmising new, innovative ways to bring you success.

Marketing Tracking & Analytics Analysis Google Analytics Analysis Advertising Progress Reports

Phone Call Tracking