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Custom Apps

In today’s day and age, we constantly hear about the latest and greatest internet business plans that show extraordinary growth and profit. New Web Design has extensive experience working with individuals who have come up with revolutionary new business concepts or ideas for mobile apps but do not know how to properly execute them. Our experts consult our clientele and build them customized, database-driven apps with proper functionality and good branding. We are fully-equipped to guide you through the entire process, which includes consulting, branding, content development, and custom-coding. We can build your app to function with both Apple and Google, whose mobile apps have two entirely different coding requirements.

For example, we can build two forms of your app so that it is compatible both on the Google Play store, for Android users, and the Apple store, for iPhone users. In addition to traditional search engines, custom apps are search engine optimizable in the Google Play store and Apple store, creating the most opportunities for users to find your app. Mobile apps have the potential for additional functionalities that are not available on desktop computers, such as the ability to gain direct access your camera roll for the quick, easy import of photos. When you work with New Web Design, you will receive a state of the art mobile app that coincides with your unique business plan.

Custom Apps Features

Custom Apps

Custom Apps Features

New Web Design’s professional

APPs include:

  • Custom Features
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Calendar & Event App
  • Business App
  • Shopping Cart App
  • Custom Designed
  • Custom Coded
  • Enhanced Security Protocol Features
  • Search Engine Optimizable
  • Downloadable vis Apple & Google Play Store
  • Designed to Fit Your Businesses Branding
  • Creative Content Development
  • Integration of GPS Navigation
  • Built-In Geographic Targeting Functionalities

Custom Apps
Custom Apps Features