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Make it easy for your employees, business partners, and clients to stay informed about important events, upcoming meetings, and ongoing projects with a custom calendar or event form. New Web Design’s calendar and event form packages can be customized and placed on any page of your website They come with a built-in content management system so that you can make real-time updates as needed, as well as share real-time status notifications with pre-existing and potential clientele. This is a useful tool for things like meeting reminders, scheduling of consultations, and the management of company resources.

All calendar and event forms are custom-designed to match your company’s branding and can be used on other platforms including mobile devices and tablet- based apps. New Web Design’s clients can choose from different views such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly as well as other special features like the recognition of federal holidays and the birthdays of your contacts. Businesses can utilize color coding, batch editing, link contacts, custom alarms, book an appointment, electronic commerce functionality and other complex event features that are user-friendly. Here at New Web Design, we have the ability to custom-code calendar and event forms with advanced technological features that most companies are unable to produce. New Web Design’s cutting-edge coding solutions are an effective way to expand your web presence and take your business to the next level through the integration of modern technology.

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