Website Dropdown
Navigation Toolbar

A dropdown navigation bar is an extension of a basic toolbar, allowing viewers to find direct links to specific information within each website category more easily. Each navigation bar is customized to match your company’s website layout and branding. Dropdown navigation toolbars can be created to display direct links to subcategories either as text or as photo icons. Having icons in your navigation bar provides a visual way to display each topic, making the link that much more appealing to the viewer. Animating your dropdown navigation bar is another way to keep users clicking.

Users are more likely to play with an interactive dropdown toolbar, keeping them on your website longer, therefore making it more likely that they will find another subject that they are interested in to click on. One of the biggest added benefits of New Web Design’s navigation toolbars is that they are custom coded for extremely fast loading speeds, mobile responsive capabilities, and search engine optimization with the use of custom functionalities. A cutting-edge “Click to Call” button is a feature that New Web Design also provides. Giving customers the ability to click a button that links to a phone number, automatically calling the company, is a huge added benefit because its convenience encourages users to call more frequently.

Toolbar Features

Dropdown Navigation Toolbar


New Web Design’s dropdown

navigation toolbars include:

  • Text Links to Additional Sub-Categories
  • Photo Icon Links to Additional Sub-Categories
  • Animation Upgrades
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Toolbars Drop Down into Vertical Toolbar
  • Mobile Toolbar
  • Tablet Toolbar
  • Search Tool
  • Click to Call Button

Dropdown Navigation Toolbar

Toolbar Features